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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Interview | Pamela Catapia

Pam Catapia advocates for highly sensitive people (HSPs) in a variety of ways, from helping HSPs as individuals and in small groups to educating the general public about the trait of high sensitivity through media appearances. She’s a certified counsellor in private practice, with a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. Through counselling and through seminars […]

The Perpetual Support List

Putting a big toe into the lake, or even out of the tent door, is part of the art of adventure. It’s not all mountaintop views and standing ovations. Those are only the graduation ceremonies. The more ways we know to encourage ourselves, to believe we can stick a toe out, make a first move, […]

Cage or Gate?

What do you get when you cross high sensitivity with curiosity, creativity, and community? What do you get when the cage turns into a gate? You get the power to change the world. Rather than merely managing our overwhelm, we can strengthen our oddness, turning attention from getting by in a predominantly non-highly sensitive culture […]