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Monthly Archives: September 2009

My Brain on Microsoft OneNote

About six months ago, on a whim, I explored every single program on my computer, many of which had been pre-installed. When I stumbled across Microsoft OneNote I knew I’d finally found an organizing program that works the way my brain does. Hopefully, this screenshot image provides enough of a sense of the format to […]

Chance Encounters | Kari Medig

Hold on to the line from the hook of a chance encounter long enough and new worlds lift into view. Time and the random toss of life have a way of separating us, but sheer curiosity often makes me hold on anyway, following the dives and spins, pining for the meaning beneath the waves, the […]

Define Your Journal

A journal is a record, a recording of something over time. Define that “something” to fit you and your journal becomes exquisitely compelling, beckons and breaks new ground, takes on a life of its own, leads you to temptation, flings you into the arms of insight. Instances of glory. Weather. Lists of insects sighted. A […]

Success Templates

What complex process have you done so many times you’re utterly confident about your ability to pull it off? Can you take a vegetable garden from new ground to dinner table? Bathe a reluctant, grumpy, bedridden patient? Turn a box of financial data into a ship-shape tax form? Playing a violin concerto? For me, it’s […]

Moving On

Pardon my dust. Today is moving day. I’m surrounded by packing boxes and psyching myself up to drive a moving van across the busy city, onto two different ferries, and down some dirt roads. Wish us luck. Stay tuned. Flickr photo: david eastman, by coco+kelly

Successfully Sensitive | Todd Hagler

Creativity Coach | Cofounder of Parami Media and Tribe Tribe – the new website and magazine created by Todd Hagler and his intriguing cohorts – makes my jaw drop. The site provides deep, interesting information that gets me thinking in new ways; the forums offer ways to connect on a variety of topics; and the […]

Pep Talk | Flip

Imagine a handful of coins spread across a tabletop. Only one side of each coin faces up. The other side is hidden. Our lives, our habits, consist of the same spread of coins, facing the same way up, over and over…unless we’re willing to flip. The comfortable side of the coin tends to land facing […]