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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Growth Spurt Management

I’m going through a growth spurt. It’s messy and unpleasant. I wobble without cease. My foundation keeps shifting. Not that I’m knocking growth spurts. No, indeed. A hefty growth spurt, one that knocks the pins out from underneath to make way for a stronger platform to jump from, often does the heavy lifting required to […]

June HSP Gathering

One of the earliest articles I wrote on Highly Sensitive Power was about HSP Gatherings. It’s now almost two years later and I’ll be attending one in a few months, right here on the little island in British Columbia where I live. Jacquelyn Strickland, the mastermind behind the HSP Retreat Gatherings, hosted a Gathering here […]

Working with a Sensitive Professional

What’s it like to work with a highly sensitive professional? My own experiences have been marvellous and life-changing. The flurry of activity Jenna Avery and I are in the thick of as we bring The Sensitive Professionals Network further into the public eye offer a good example. When Jenna and I work together, I relax […]

Will You Give Us Your Input?

Dear Sensitive Soul, If you have your own business or have considered starting one (frankly, as a highly sensitive person, that’s a great way to go), you may have bumped into some challenges along the way about how to get the word out about the work you love. Jenna Avery and I are in the […]

Relief with Teeth

There’s relief – the kind of palliative care that shifts us from an uncomfortable moment into a slightly more comfortable moment temporarily – and then there’s Relief with Teeth. Relief with Teeth bites the earth beneath your current stance and makes marks as it makes tracks. There’s no half way about it. You’d better brace […]

Successfully Sensitive | Sarah and Suzi

How could I not be drawn to Sarah Seidelmann and Suzi Vandersteen? As designers, they guide clients to find the sweet spot where self-acceptance meets great design. As unabashed emissaries of friendship and play, they teach self-exploration and design recovery through entertainment. They laugh, they whoop it up, and they invite whole people to join […]

A Bespoke Life

What’s it like to wear a bespoke suit, a suit custom-made to fit me and only me? I want a life like that. I want a plan, a pattern, a path that takes into consideration all the weird, unruly, shocking, steadfast little and big things that combine to shape me. But how? “The word bespoke […]