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Inner Dialogues

More than a year ago I wrote an article on writing out conversations between myself and the wiser part of me – “Conversations Between Me and U.” The tool of having dialogues with myself has been so useful, and in such surprising ways, that I want to tell you how it’s evolved. While exploring Lora […]

Books | A Trip to the Library

I decided long ago that library fines are my way of donating to the public library system. This policy allows me to continue the super-nerdy behaviour I displayed as a book-hungry youth. In grade six I left the Black Mountain, North Carolina, school library after our weekly class visits with a teetering pile of books […]

Book | The Secret of the Shadow

Debbie Ford‘s book, The Secret of the Shadow: The Power of Owning Your Whole Story, packs a double-whammy of interest for me: empowerment + story, two of my favourite things. I’m finding the book to be exactly what I need for excavating gems from the hard earth of my past so I can really move […]

Book | Glimmer

My copy of Warren Berger’s book bristles with Post-It Notes. Its full title is Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Your Life, Your Business, and Maybe Even the World and it features the visionary ideas of Bruce Mau, along with other designers and thinkers on the topic. I’m forcing myself to stop at page 50 and […]

Make the Most of Your Public Library

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” Jorge Luis Borges For a vast selection of cheap thrills, head to … your local public library. But dig deep. Books are only the tip of the iceberg. These days, with the Internet acting as connector and entire regions pooling their resources, even […]

Reading as a Way of Life

“My heartfelt belief was that all meals should be eaten hunched over a desk with your nose in a book and everything you were eating chopped up and eaten out of a bowl with a spoon, the better to scoop it up without having to lift your eyes from the page.” ~ Polly Horvath, The […]

New Society Publishers

Judith and Christopher Plant have grown their dedication to making the world a better place into a successful publishing company – New Society Publishers. Years of walking their talk and publishing practical guides for positive social and environmental change has brought them resounding respect from the sustainability and publishing communities. New Society is the first […]

Book | A Pattern Language

Surroundings and atmosphere play a big role in the lives of sensitive people. Small factors make big differences. Christopher Alexander and his co-authors created a book I consider to be a bible for the sensitive soul in search of peaceful, nourishing surroundings. A Pattern Language, published in 1977, is volume two of a three-volume set […]

Book | The Creative Entrepreneur

I’m hard at play today. Lisa Sonora Beam – author of The Creative Entrepreneur: A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real – and I are busy helping me discover a future that has the exact shape of me. Her book rings with her strong voice and clear instructions, making it easy for me […]

Book | Fitting in is Overrated

Leonard Felder’s book adds his sure, comforting, and erudite voice to the growing chorus of people championing sensitivity and oddness. Fitting in is Overrated: The Survival Guide for Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Like an Outsider proceeds calmly to dismantle inclinations to remain hidden, urging us instead to develop whatever it is that makes us […]

Successfully Sensitive | Saskia Röell

Author and Transformational Life Coach Saskia walks her talk. She teaches what she naturally knows: how to let the soul lead the way. In her Amazon-bestselling book A Suitcase Full of Faith: How One Woman Found Her Dream Trusting the Compass of Her Soul, she shows how it’s done, using the stories of her own […]

Real Adventures with Imaginary Maps

Oh, maps … oops. Sorry, I had to stop and wipe the drool off my keyboard. If you want to hypnotize me or calm me down, just shove a map in front of my face. My eyes will glaze, I’ll acquire a foolish grin, and my hand will reach involuntarily toward the map. And if […]

Living with Questions

“In a field I am the absence of field.” ~ Mark Strand, Keeping Things Whole, Reasons for Moving… A question is like an empty space. We ask. We wait. We wonder. We make room. We stop resisting. In the process, by creating a nothing with a curling, spiraling question mark at its heart, we fall […]

Stay Afloat with Healthy Boundaries

How do you keep a grip on the real you when the salty surf of a tense interaction smacks your starboard side? When the folks around you make waves with their alien communication styles, fervent demands, or weird displays of power, you need healthy boundary skills that pop to the surface like a life preserver. […]

Creativity Prompt | 50

What’s your excuse? ~~~ Daily Creativity Prompts deliver a perspective-shifting zap to your creative process. See Grace Kerina’s recently updated (book and video) Creativity Prompts Compendium for tools to spark your genius. Related reading: Creativity Prompt | 34 ~ A Forgiving Tale