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Category Archives: Curiosity

New Website

I’ve got a new home on the Web: You’ll find articles, recommendations, and examples about following curiosity to find passion and insight. Most of this year has been spent musing in various ways about my trajectory and what I’d like it to be. The new website is one of the results — and a […]

Inner Dialogues

More than a year ago I wrote an article on writing out conversations between myself and the wiser part of me – “Conversations Between Me and U.” The tool of having dialogues with myself has been so useful, and in such surprising ways, that I want to tell you how it’s evolved. While exploring Lora […]

A Bespoke Life

What’s it like to wear a bespoke suit, a suit custom-made to fit me and only me? I want a life like that. I want a plan, a pattern, a path that takes into consideration all the weird, unruly, shocking, steadfast little and big things that combine to shape me. But how? “The word bespoke […]

Visions of Success

It’s easy to fall into step behind someone else’s vision of success. The lifting strut of the popular mayor as he chats his way through his kingdom. The long line-up in front of the restaurant where the five-star chef concocts her masterpieces. The buzz. The fame. The crowds. The face on the billboard. If I’m […]

Where Science Meets Spirit

While doing online research for upcoming posts in my 5 Senses series, I came across The Archives of Scientists’ Transcendent Experiences (TASTE). Created by Charles T. Tart, one of the founders of Transpersonal Psychology, TASTE provides sceintists with a way to give voice to their unusual experiences with the transcendent in a way that preserves […]

Book | Glimmer

My copy of Warren Berger’s book bristles with Post-It Notes. Its full title is Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Your Life, Your Business, and Maybe Even the World and it features the visionary ideas of Bruce Mau, along with other designers and thinkers on the topic. I’m forcing myself to stop at page 50 and […]


We think we can’t see. We think we are blind. We think we are looking at something tiny and limiting and there’s nothing there. But the world is chock full of tricks. The eye, the mind, the spirit, expand and contract depending on how we look and where we look and what we want to […]

Woman of the Week Series

Dolly Hopkins, Creative Architect, started a great series on her site called “Woman of the Week.” I’m grateful and honoured to have been asked to participate. Reading about the women she’s put the spotlight on makes me feel doubly honoured — they’re a varied bunch who take lots of different approaches to creativity and get […]

Healing Broadcasts

Over the past months I’ve come across several immensely helpful free broadcast services that offer healing wisdom via phone and Internet: Healing With the Masters – Teleseminar intensives with a hot line-up of speakers, presented by Jennifer McLean. I recently listened to this series’ interview of Alison Armstrong – nationally known teacher and expert on […]

Define Your Journal

A journal is a record, a recording of something over time. Define that “something” to fit you and your journal becomes exquisitely compelling, beckons and breaks new ground, takes on a life of its own, leads you to temptation, flings you into the arms of insight. Instances of glory. Weather. Lists of insects sighted. A […]

Reading as a Way of Life

“My heartfelt belief was that all meals should be eaten hunched over a desk with your nose in a book and everything you were eating chopped up and eaten out of a bowl with a spoon, the better to scoop it up without having to lift your eyes from the page.” ~ Polly Horvath, The […]

Style Statement Hero

Thanks to the Style Statement blog for posting an article I wrote called “Style Statement Hero.”

Real Adventures with Imaginary Maps

Oh, maps … oops. Sorry, I had to stop and wipe the drool off my keyboard. If you want to hypnotize me or calm me down, just shove a map in front of my face. My eyes will glaze, I’ll acquire a foolish grin, and my hand will reach involuntarily toward the map. And if […]

Simple Ways to Rejuvenate

Need a lift? Freshen up by taking mini-holidays throughout the day. What gives you a hit of joy? Perhaps it’s watching a three-minute digital slide show of your five-year-old. Or reading today’s post from a blogger who’s guaranteed to make you laugh. Or unscrewing the lid of a vial of lavender oil. Consider the physical […]

Living with Questions

“In a field I am the absence of field.” ~ Mark Strand, Keeping Things Whole, Reasons for Moving… A question is like an empty space. We ask. We wait. We wonder. We make room. We stop resisting. In the process, by creating a nothing with a curling, spiraling question mark at its heart, we fall […]