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How to Keep a Friend

Start with the first step. Proceed. Make a new friend. Spend time together. Be your true self, especially when it’s difficult. Disagree. Let them go. Figure out how to soothe yourself. Welcome them back. Willingly fall further into friendship’s gooey centre. Copy what you envy. Forget who’s who. Draw a line. Notice recurring border skirmishes. […]

Let’s Cerebrate!

If socializing in a party setting doesn’t come easily to you, you still have options other than staying home – options which include being yourself. To cerebrate means to use the mind, to think or to think about. Rather than psyching yourself up to be a party animal, consider musing your way through the festivities. […]

How to Create Space

Toss out the unloved and unused Don’t finish Put up a temporary wall Say “I don’t know” Loosen your grip Don’t tell anyone where you’re going Let them talk Clear the decks Hire help Excuse yourself and leave Expand your view Put down the sword Go where you can be anonymous Wing it Don’t equate […]

A Simple Way to Write

The process of writing is a tool. It serves us, not the other way around. There’s something wrong when struggling with the writing process keeps people’s marvellous thoughts and much-needed wisdom from reaching the rest of us. To make the writing process easier, to shift the focus from how to write to what to say, […]

Style Statement Buddy

I’m big on buddies. One of my best buds, Carrie McCarthy, wrote a short article called “Style Statement Buddy” on her website. It includes a great how-to list for setting up a weekly buddy call and reaping the benefits.

32 Ways to Increase Your Income

This list is much more powerful than its 32 individual ways. Do as many as possible to vastly increase synergy, energy, possibilities, inspiration, and forward movement. Do them all. Be you, be gentle, and still fill the coffers. {Links in curly brackets lead to related reading.} Contain and Focus – Set aside blocks of time […]

Make the Most of Your Public Library

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” Jorge Luis Borges For a vast selection of cheap thrills, head to … your local public library. But dig deep. Books are only the tip of the iceberg. These days, with the Internet acting as connector and entire regions pooling their resources, even […]

20 Ways to Make a Decision

My husband and I are in the midst of dealing with what we’ve dubbed La Bombe – the bomb our landlord dropped on us when he informed us that he and his new family will move into our apartment. We’ve got until the end of October. Tricky timing, though. The upcoming winter Olympics here in […]

How to Mingle at a Party | Tips for the Timid

How do we timid folks mingle at a party and still respect ourselves in the morning? If you want to avoid next-day reviews of your party performance without the forehead-smacking bad memories, follow these simple steps: Take time to attend to your appearance so it doesn’t distract you during the party. It’s not about standing […]