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Dr. Zeff Talks about the Benefits of Sensitivity

Douglas Eby, of the intergalactic-sized website Talent Development Resources, interviewed Dr. Ted Zeff, author of The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide, on the topic of how people can benefit from being highly sensitive. (Click on the little blue circle under the stars to start the audio on or access it from Douglas Eby’s website.) […]

Navigate Change Like a Nomad

Grace to be interviewed live online this Tuesday by Adela Rubio Do you feel tossed about lately by our society’s intense rate of change? Do you long to find calm footing in a sea of chaos? We live in a time of dynamic transformation. Find the opportunity inherent in this time by plugging into a […]

Successfully Sensitive | Samantha Reynolds

Founder and President of Echo Memoirs After Sam felt the loss of not having recorded her grandmother’s life story, she became curious about the life stories of the people around her. In 2001, her fascination became a business. Since then, the capable Echo Memoirs team has ushered more than 200 stunningly beautiful hard-cover memoirs through […]

Interview | Cliff Harwin

Cliff Harwin has been busy. Marvelously for us, the activities he’s piled on top of his full-time work as the owner of a pest control company focus on empowering highly sensitive people (HSPs). Cliff’s kindness, generosity, and quiet humbleness weave all through his website, The Highly Sensitive Person, where you’ll find his free email newsletter, […]

Interview | Paulina Bustamante

Paulina Bustamante pursues her dream of acting with an all-encompassing joy that’s infectious. She’s honing her acting skills at Vancouver’s Lyric School of Acting, using her high sensitivity as an asset. In person, Paulina shines (even more so when she’s talking about acting). Her hands gesture. Her eyes sparkle and connect. She laughs often and […]

Interview | Carrie McCarthy

In her search for both beauty and meaning in her interior design work, Carrie developed a process called Style Statement to help her know her clients better, and to help her clients know themselves better. Then she met Danielle LaPorte, who loved the Style Statement concept and had a background in media and communications, and […]

Jenna Avery

“The only thing wrong with being sensitive is trying to pretend that you are not.” ~ Jenna Avery Jenna Avery is a “Life Coach for Sensitive Souls.” Once upon a time, when her life was not going well, she took her high sensitivity in hand and went on a journey of discovery. What she learned […]

Interview | Nan

Nan is my mother. She’s also highly sensitive, but she raised me in a time before the term or trait of high sensitivity had been popularized. We had a conversation about my childhood – what it was like to be highly sensitive with each other in the days before the current knowledge and tools about […]

Interview | Barbara Brady

Barbara Brady is a Life Coach and Intercultural Trainer who works with clients in person, by phone, and via the Internet. She focuses on supporting people through transitions – from making healthy relationship or career changes, to moving to a location that suits them, to navigating through expatriation or repatriation. She’s also written a book […]

Interview | Pamela Catapia

Pam Catapia advocates for highly sensitive people (HSPs) in a variety of ways, from helping HSPs as individuals and in small groups to educating the general public about the trait of high sensitivity through media appearances. She’s a certified counsellor in private practice, with a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. Through counselling and through seminars […]