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A Guided Tour of Highly Sensitive Power

I want you to find what you’re looking for easily and browse fruitfully, so I’ve added a Guided Tour page for Highly Sensitive Power. Though Highly Sensitive Power is not being added to, there’s still enough traffic to the site (which makes me happy) to warrant adding tools for searchers. I want you to have […]

Growth Spurt Management

I’m going through a growth spurt. It’s messy and unpleasant. I wobble without cease. My foundation keeps shifting. Not that I’m knocking growth spurts. No, indeed. A hefty growth spurt, one that knocks the pins out from underneath to make way for a stronger platform to jump from, often does the heavy lifting required to […]

Sensory Filters

~ “But the normal filtering mechanism on his mind had been stripped away. The tiniest of sights, sounds, smells competed with the big ones for his attention. It felt like looking at ten million blades of grass and being unable to see a lawn.” ~ From Laurie R. King’s Touchstone, a novel about a highly […]

The Power of Positive Shrinking

Oh crap. A glance in the rear-view mirror shows a cop car closing in. I’m so nailed, in so many ways. I turn right onto a dirt road, park, and wait. By the time the cop’s gadget-festooned torso fills my open widow, blocking the sun, I’m ready. “Registration and insurance,” he says, holding out his […]

Sloppy Methods and Devious Bribery

We care about process. We value details. Each step on the journey from A to B is worthy of pride. We’re all about the honour of deep quality. …What? The deadline passed? But my application took weeks to complete. It’s a work of art, a sure thing. …He died? You’re kidding, right? But that means […]

Moving On

Pardon my dust. Today is moving day. I’m surrounded by packing boxes and psyching myself up to drive a moving van across the busy city, onto two different ferries, and down some dirt roads. Wish us luck. Stay tuned. Flickr photo: david eastman, by coco+kelly

Fear and Change

“To end suffering, let go of what changes” ~ Gavin De Becker, The Gift of Fear “When you realize that change depends on relationships, then you can seek a ‘change agent’ much as you do any other important, emotionally charged relationship with a person or community. … [And] when you find the right relationship, anything […]

Stimulus Maximus

When the swirl of life pushes me toward overwhelm, my automatic response is to rush toward stimulus minimus. But there’s an error of perspective there. What I really want is stimulus maximus, just like everyone else on the planet. I want the maximum input that I can handle. I want Life, with a capital L. […]

Unusual Writing/Editing Services

UPDATE in 2012: The services below have evolved into Writer’s Shepherd Services. For more information, including contact information, see instead the Writer’s Shepherd page on my new website: The Curious Writer. I offer an editing/writing service that’s unusual, but effective and efficient. It requires a degree of participation from you, but the outcome is writing […]

The Power of the Hero Alone

Empowerment is heroic: stand up, undertake a journey, stand alone, face down fears, find treasure … and then do it all over again … and again. Like heroes throughout time, when we confront tough passages to freedom we’re prompted to weigh pros and cons. Is the trial of the journey worth the goal or can […]

The Power of Equal and Opposite Forces

Consider the push. Forging ahead requires a push. Visions uniquely our own come without how-to manuals. Bushwhacking through uncharted territory requires leaning into the overgrowth with a sharpened blade. We invent the path as we go. We grope. We push into new growth – our own growth. This push, if undertaken in earnest and left […]

Why Germany is Great for HSPs

Surprised? I was too when I first started spending time in Germany. Now I want to move there. Here’s a sampling of why: Quietude is respected. Yes, there are laws about noise, which may not suit everyone, but which means that there are actually quiet times that can be counted on. Also, there’s a general […]

Joy Detective

A few days ago, on our way up into southern British Columbia’s Fraser River valley, my husband and I peered out the bus windows into the steep ravine as we curled along the road, the mountains towering above us. Suddenly, Michael’s posture straightened, his face lit up, he pointed and said, “Look! A train! See […]

Sounding Off

I’ve been known to take extra sets of earplugs to outdoor concerts and pass them out to the parents of children who are obviously cringing from the overwhelming noise. It’s tricky, finding the right balance of pointing out the child’s discomfort while not faulting parenting skills. My efforts in this regard are generally met with […]

Time Management for Highly Sensitive People

Time management is only necessary when the things we want to accomplish threaten to take up more time than we easily have for them. Since I know that my high sensitivity steers me toward wanting to please others and I can usually see a lot of subtle ways to make things more complete or useful […]