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British TV Dramas

Shakespeare Retold – Loving or even tolerating Shakespeare is not a prerequisite for enjoying the Shakespeare tales retold in this BBC set. They’re so retold and modernized and re-set that even if you do know Shakespeare well, the freshness will intrigue. My favourites are The Taming of the Shrew, with tiny Shirley Henderson as the […]

British TV Crime Dramas – Part Three

Thankfully, there’s more … more interesting British crime stories with little or no violence or gore. (Find links to British TV Crime Dramas parts one and two at the end of this article.) Foyle’s War – You might not think that entering the world of a police detective in a small town on the British […]

Gems | Movies | Unusual Love Stories

Marilyn Hotchkiss’ Ballroom Dancing & Charm School I’d not heard of this 2006 gem until recently, in spite of the star-studded cast, which includes Marisa Tomei, Mary Steenburgen, John Goodman, Sean Astin, and Robert Carlyle. Carlyle plays a widow who, through a chance encounter on a highway, makes a promise that leads him to a […]

British TV Crime Dramas – Part Two

The list of recommendations begun in Part One of this article continues here. (Please note the warnings for Wire in the Blood.) Second Sight – The able Clive Owen, capable of pulling off complexly compelling characters, plays Detective Chief Inspector Ross Tanner, a tough cop who’s going blind and trying to hide the fact so […]

British TV Crime Dramas

However we spend this holiday season – surrounded by family members who drive us bonkers or fill us with joy, alone and bored or satisfied, or in the quiet nest of close family, there comes a time when a break would be nice. May I recommend a British television crime drama in such a case? […]

Beating the Family Holiday Blues

People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Love them anyway. ~ Mother Teresa Five ways to beat the family holiday blues: 1. Ask about what you want to know. What’s it like having a second husband? How did you survive the war? Why does Aunt Mabel dislike you so much? Who was your first love? Can […]