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Category Archives: Successfully Sensitive

Successfully Sensitive | Sarah and Suzi

How could I not be drawn to Sarah Seidelmann and Suzi Vandersteen? As designers, they guide clients to find the sweet spot where self-acceptance meets great design. As unabashed emissaries of friendship and play, they teach self-exploration and design recovery through entertainment. They laugh, they whoop it up, and they invite whole people to join […]

Successfully Sensitive | Todd Hagler

Creativity Coach | Cofounder of Parami Media and Tribe Tribe – the new website and magazine created by Todd Hagler and his intriguing cohorts – makes my jaw drop. The site provides deep, interesting information that gets me thinking in new ways; the forums offer ways to connect on a variety of topics; and the […]

Successfully Sensitive | Stella

Energy Healer Have you ever met someone and instantly felt like you’ve know them a long, long time? That’s how it was with me and Stella, my husband’s sister. She practically glows with connectivity. In spite of the geographical distance between us (she lives in Berlin and I live in Vancouver) and the language barrier […]

Successfully Sensitive | Stella | auf Deutsch

Go to the English version. Wie kannst du deine Feinfühligkeit und Hochsensibilität am besten einsetzen? Am meisten bereichert mich meine Sensibilität in meiner Energiearbeit. Ich bin so feinfühlig, dass ich unterschiedliche kosmische energien wahrnemen,willentlich herbeirufen, aufnehmen und fühlen kann; ich kann die verschiedenen Energien von Edelsteinen wahrnemen und fühlen, wie und in welchem Körperbereich sie […]

Successfully Sensitive | Julie Cusmariu

Intuitive Consultant and Life Coach I love this clear statement from Julie Cusmariu’s website: “At the root of Julie’s mission and philosophy is that we can best serve the world when we first serve ourselves.” This speaks directly to the sensitive soul’s challenges of balancing our own needs with the needs of others and finding […]

Successfully Sensitive | Dolly Hopkins

Creative Architect As a Creative Architect, Dolly Hopkins “changes the landscape through celebration.” She consults with and advises people and organizations all over the world. Since she’s based in Vancouver, where I live, I’ve participated in many of the awe-inspiring community events she’s helped to create. Long before I met Dolly in person, I was […]

Successfully Sensitive | Richard Sharpe

British Officer in the Napoleonic War Richard Sharpe, as played by Sean Bean in the British TV series based on Bernard Cornwell’s novels, may seem an odd choice for a Successfully Sensitive interview. He is, after all, a soldier and a fictional character. Nevertheless, he embodies many qualities I want to embody. Through watching the […]

Successfully Sensitive | You

There are more interviews with Successfully Sensitive people to share with you in subsequent weeks, but I want to step closer to you this week and tell you that you, too, dear reader, inspire me with your sensitivity and your success. Thank you for all you’re doing to present your sensitive self to the world. […]

Successfully Sensitive | Jo Martin

Open-Hearted Giver Jo Martin’s suggestion for her introductory paragraph says it best, I think: “Bottom line? I’m just a person. I do the best I can every day to pay forward the blessings I’ve received and to be of service to others within the boundaries of being loving and supportive of my own self.” Jo […]

Successfully Sensitive | Denise Smith

Event Planner and Founder of Chicks Who Click Denise thrives in her work as a professional communitarian (she’s inspired me to invent a new word), fostering connections as an event planner for Metzger Associates and the founder of – a system of one-day networking conferences in different cities, to help people “Create. Connect. Collaborate.” […]

Successfully Sensitive | Saskia Röell

Author and Transformational Life Coach Saskia walks her talk. She teaches what she naturally knows: how to let the soul lead the way. In her Amazon-bestselling book A Suitcase Full of Faith: How One Woman Found Her Dream Trusting the Compass of Her Soul, she shows how it’s done, using the stories of her own […]

Successfully Sensitive | Dr. Judith Orloff

Author of Emotional Freedom Judith Orloff, MD – a psychiatrist, intuitive empath, and highly sensitive person – is the author of the bestselling new book Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life (Harmony Books, 2009). Her other bestsellers are Positive Energy, Intuitive Healing, and Second Sight. Dr. Orloff synthesizes the pearls […]

Successfully Sensitive | Samantha Reynolds

Founder and President of Echo Memoirs After Sam felt the loss of not having recorded her grandmother’s life story, she became curious about the life stories of the people around her. In 2001, her fascination became a business. Since then, the capable Echo Memoirs team has ushered more than 200 stunningly beautiful hard-cover memoirs through […]