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Successfully Sensitive | Sarah and Suzi

How could I not be drawn to Sarah Seidelmann and Suzi Vandersteen? As designers, they guide clients to find the sweet spot where self-acceptance meets great design. As unabashed emissaries of friendship and play, they teach self-exploration and design recovery through entertainment. They laugh, they whoop it up, and they invite whole people to join […]

A Bespoke Life

What’s it like to wear a bespoke suit, a suit custom-made to fit me and only me? I want a life like that. I want a plan, a pattern, a path that takes into consideration all the weird, unruly, shocking, steadfast little and big things that combine to shape me. But how? “The word bespoke […]

Book | Glimmer

My copy of Warren Berger’s book bristles with Post-It Notes. Its full title is Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Your Life, Your Business, and Maybe Even the World and it features the visionary ideas of Bruce Mau, along with other designers and thinkers on the topic. I’m forcing myself to stop at page 50 and […]

Chance Encounters | Kari Medig

Hold on to the line from the hook of a chance encounter long enough and new worlds lift into view. Time and the random toss of life have a way of separating us, but sheer curiosity often makes me hold on anyway, following the dives and spins, pining for the meaning beneath the waves, the […]

Book | The Creative Entrepreneur

I’m hard at play today. Lisa Sonora Beam – author of The Creative Entrepreneur: A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real – and I are busy helping me discover a future that has the exact shape of me. Her book rings with her strong voice and clear instructions, making it easy for me […]

Real Adventures with Imaginary Maps

Oh, maps … oops. Sorry, I had to stop and wipe the drool off my keyboard. If you want to hypnotize me or calm me down, just shove a map in front of my face. My eyes will glaze, I’ll acquire a foolish grin, and my hand will reach involuntarily toward the map. And if […]

Digital Art Programs by Kevin

In my constant quest for creativity with a wow-factor, I followed a Flickr photo search to the discovery of Kevin, a man of inspiring creativity, humility, and generosity. Among other things, Kevin created a couple of digital art freeware programs – VEXER (left picture) and Agony (right picture). I’ve played around some with VEXER, which […]

Ode to the Curiously Mundane Office

Old maps. School supplies. Little white bowls. Graph paper. Wooden boxes. Libraries. Blank journals. Archives. Old cigar boxes. Index cards. Pencil stubs. Faded handwritten letters. Office supply stores. New erasers. Fountain pens. Air-mail envelopes. Rolodex files. Plain thumbtacks. Tins. The inspirational allure of the curiously mundane puts me into a trance of appreciation. I can […]

Book | Air Guitar

“Dave Hickey’s prose transports are like an eye attached to a butterfly attached to a rocketship…” ~ Lawrence Weschler Dave Hickey‘s résumé is impressive. He’s written for Harper’s Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Artforum, plus many other publications. He’s been the Executive Editor of Art in America magazine. He’s owned and directed an art gallery. He’s […]