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Ode to Non-HSP Friends

My non-HSP friends help me in ways that make my life easier, like when … They cut to the chase and instantly see two options I can choose from rather than the 3,327 options I had been grappling with. I’m so thankful then because I suddenly see how to take action. They tease me about […]

Working with a Sensitive Professional

What’s it like to work with a highly sensitive professional? My own experiences have been marvellous and life-changing. The flurry of activity Jenna Avery and I are in the thick of as we bring The Sensitive Professionals Network further into the public eye offer a good example. When Jenna and I work together, I relax […]

Successfully Sensitive | Sarah and Suzi

How could I not be drawn to Sarah Seidelmann and Suzi Vandersteen? As designers, they guide clients to find the sweet spot where self-acceptance meets great design. As unabashed emissaries of friendship and play, they teach self-exploration and design recovery through entertainment. They laugh, they whoop it up, and they invite whole people to join […]

Book | Glimmer

My copy of Warren Berger’s book bristles with Post-It Notes. Its full title is Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Your Life, Your Business, and Maybe Even the World and it features the visionary ideas of Bruce Mau, along with other designers and thinkers on the topic. I’m forcing myself to stop at page 50 and […]

Style Statement Buddy

I’m big on buddies. One of my best buds, Carrie McCarthy, wrote a short article called “Style Statement Buddy” on her website. It includes a great how-to list for setting up a weekly buddy call and reaping the benefits.

Successfully Sensitive | Denise Smith

Event Planner and Founder of Chicks Who Click Denise thrives in her work as a professional communitarian (she’s inspired me to invent a new word), fostering connections as an event planner for Metzger Associates and the founder of – a system of one-day networking conferences in different cities, to help people “Create. Connect. Collaborate.” […]

Blind Dates Grow Up

My husband and I are both … hmm … how shall I put this? Let’s go with finely tuned and move on. We’re also products of different cultures. (I’ve often thought of charging admission to some of our entertaining conversations: the optimistic, anything-is-possible American (me) exchanging views with the pessimistic Cold-War-era German from West Berlin.) […]

Creative Collaboration in Great Groups

I’m always jonesing for creative collaboration, and the more I get, the more I want. There’s magic when teamwork morphs into incredible synergy. Part of the attraction is my own nature (after all, my Style Statement is Timeless Connection), but another big part has to do with the direction our collective consciousness seems to be […]