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A Moment of Silence, Please

When I talk with highly sensitive people, I’m often struck by the length of their pauses before speaking. If their brains are like mine, what’s going on is an intense sorting of all the possibilities, scanning and deciding which of the many things that could be said will be said. Sure, I love the banter […]

Training Missions for Eccentrics

“You can’t get to be a charming eccentric in old age without being weird in youth.” ~ Stacie, Idiosyncratic Daydream Pull up your striped socks, slip into your funkiest shoes, check your wild red hair in the mirror, and head out the door to spend the day making people gawk. Or … say what no […]

Book | Air Guitar

“Dave Hickey’s prose transports are like an eye attached to a butterfly attached to a rocketship…” ~ Lawrence Weschler Dave Hickey‘s résumé is impressive. He’s written for Harper’s Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Artforum, plus many other publications. He’s been the Executive Editor of Art in America magazine. He’s owned and directed an art gallery. He’s […]