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The Power of the Hero Alone

Empowerment is heroic: stand up, undertake a journey, stand alone, face down fears, find treasure … and then do it all over again … and again. Like heroes throughout time, when we confront tough passages to freedom we’re prompted to weigh pros and cons. Is the trial of the journey worth the goal or can […]

Stay Afloat with Healthy Boundaries

How do you keep a grip on the real you when the salty surf of a tense interaction smacks your starboard side? When the folks around you make waves with their alien communication styles, fervent demands, or weird displays of power, you need healthy boundary skills that pop to the surface like a life preserver. […]

Quantum Physics and the Art of Manifestation

Perhaps, in part, because I have balanced use of the right and left sides of my brain (I am an artist with a science degree), I’m always on the lookout for places where science mingles interestingly with art, philosophy, and spirituality. Quantum mechanics and the art of manifestation is one such place, and the combination […]

Sensitivity, Curiosity, and Leadership

I believe that being sensitive equips us to lead. Sensitivity, by definition, involves a greater than normal ability to feel or notice or think about what others do not. Do you see that whether you’re highly sensitive – embodying a range and depth of sensitivities, or sensitive in a single area, you sway at the […]

The Power of Community

Learning from Queers and Geeks “A geek is…any dogged explorer or crazed inventor, anyone who fixates on a project and won’t let go, anyone who builds his own damn rocket! It’s a label to be proud of, in any star system.” ~ Editors, Wired Remember when “geek” wasn’t a label to be proud of? When […]

The Power of Creativity

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” ~ Epictetus Life’s a lab. We experiment, starting with a question (curiosity). Creativity is about risking mistakes in search of satisfying answers. What we often mean when we say we’re not creative about something is that we’ve stopped trying. Even the most […]

The Power of Curiosity

“Fear paralyzes; curiosity empowers. Be more interested than afraid.” ~ Patricia Alexander Curiosity is like a flashlight beam. We aim it at what we want to see more clearly. Or, rather, curiosity aims us. When we’re curious, we’re the beam of light following the feeling of wonder to the next illuminated view. It’s not about […]

Cage or Gate?

What do you get when you cross high sensitivity with curiosity, creativity, and community? What do you get when the cage turns into a gate? You get the power to change the world. Rather than merely managing our overwhelm, we can strengthen our oddness, turning attention from getting by in a predominantly non-highly sensitive culture […]