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Commit to Difference

We are here now. Here and now we can make a difference. No argument. No excuses. Only committment. We are already committed, whether we choose to believe we are or not. Commit to the commitment. “I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.” ~ Frodo “So do […]

A Forgiving Tale

Once upon a time, there was a brash young woman who thought she had answers, the answers, enlightening answers. She considered it her responsibility to share her brilliant revelations with the people closest to her, even though she knew they would be deeply hurt. “The truth is the truth,” she told herself. “They need to […]

Kudos for Sensitivity

Who do you know who’s sensitive or highly sensitive in a way that makes your life better? Your child? Your brother? Your best friend? Your co-workers? Your baker? Your doctor? Tell them. Soon. There’s a don’t-wait theme running through Highly Sensitive Power – for an important reason. We can’t wait. We can’t wait for society […]

Sensitivity, Curiosity, and Leadership

I believe that being sensitive equips us to lead. Sensitivity, by definition, involves a greater than normal ability to feel or notice or think about what others do not. Do you see that whether you’re highly sensitive – embodying a range and depth of sensitivities, or sensitive in a single area, you sway at the […]

Sounding Off

I’ve been known to take extra sets of earplugs to outdoor concerts and pass them out to the parents of children who are obviously cringing from the overwhelming noise. It’s tricky, finding the right balance of pointing out the child’s discomfort while not faulting parenting skills. My efforts in this regard are generally met with […]