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June HSP Gathering

One of the earliest articles I wrote on Highly Sensitive Power was about HSP Gatherings. It’s now almost two years later and I’ll be attending one in a few months, right here on the little island in British Columbia where I live. Jacquelyn Strickland, the mastermind behind the HSP Retreat Gatherings, hosted a Gathering here […]

Chance Encounters | Kari Medig

Hold on to the line from the hook of a chance encounter long enough and new worlds lift into view. Time and the random toss of life have a way of separating us, but sheer curiosity often makes me hold on anyway, following the dives and spins, pining for the meaning beneath the waves, the […]

Successfully Sensitive | Saskia Röell

Author and Transformational Life Coach Saskia walks her talk. She teaches what she naturally knows: how to let the soul lead the way. In her Amazon-bestselling book A Suitcase Full of Faith: How One Woman Found Her Dream Trusting the Compass of Her Soul, she shows how it’s done, using the stories of her own […]

Highly Sensitive Havens

Imagine arriving in an unfamiliar town. Everything around you is foreign. You’re disoriented by your long journey, thrown off balance by the suddenness of this trip you’ve not had time to plan ahead for, and your heart is beating faster than usual. What can you do? You head straight to the local Highly Sensitive Haven. […]