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Working with a Sensitive Professional

What’s it like to work with a highly sensitive professional? My own experiences have been marvellous and life-changing. The flurry of activity Jenna Avery and I are in the thick of as we bring The Sensitive Professionals Network further into the public eye offer a good example. When Jenna and I work together, I relax […]

Will You Give Us Your Input?

Dear Sensitive Soul, If you have your own business or have considered starting one (frankly, as a highly sensitive person, that’s a great way to go), you may have bumped into some challenges along the way about how to get the word out about the work you love. Jenna Avery and I are in the […]

Book | Glimmer

My copy of Warren Berger’s book bristles with Post-It Notes. Its full title is Glimmer: How Design Can Transform Your Life, Your Business, and Maybe Even the World and it features the visionary ideas of Bruce Mau, along with other designers and thinkers on the topic. I’m forcing myself to stop at page 50 and […]

Style Statement Buddy

I’m big on buddies. One of my best buds, Carrie McCarthy, wrote a short article called “Style Statement Buddy” on her website. It includes a great how-to list for setting up a weekly buddy call and reaping the benefits.

My Brain on Microsoft OneNote

About six months ago, on a whim, I explored every single program on my computer, many of which had been pre-installed. When I stumbled across Microsoft OneNote I knew I’d finally found an organizing program that works the way my brain does. Hopefully, this screenshot image provides enough of a sense of the format to […]

Chance Encounters | Kari Medig

Hold on to the line from the hook of a chance encounter long enough and new worlds lift into view. Time and the random toss of life have a way of separating us, but sheer curiosity often makes me hold on anyway, following the dives and spins, pining for the meaning beneath the waves, the […]

32 Ways to Increase Your Income

This list is much more powerful than its 32 individual ways. Do as many as possible to vastly increase synergy, energy, possibilities, inspiration, and forward movement. Do them all. Be you, be gentle, and still fill the coffers. {Links in curly brackets lead to related reading.} Contain and Focus – Set aside blocks of time […]

Book | The Creative Entrepreneur

I’m hard at play today. Lisa Sonora Beam – author of The Creative Entrepreneur: A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real – and I are busy helping me discover a future that has the exact shape of me. Her book rings with her strong voice and clear instructions, making it easy for me […]

Successfully Sensitive | Denise Smith

Event Planner and Founder of Chicks Who Click Denise thrives in her work as a professional communitarian (she’s inspired me to invent a new word), fostering connections as an event planner for Metzger Associates and the founder of – a system of one-day networking conferences in different cities, to help people “Create. Connect. Collaborate.” […]

Book | Fitting in is Overrated

Leonard Felder’s book adds his sure, comforting, and erudite voice to the growing chorus of people championing sensitivity and oddness. Fitting in is Overrated: The Survival Guide for Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Like an Outsider proceeds calmly to dismantle inclinations to remain hidden, urging us instead to develop whatever it is that makes us […]

Successfully Sensitive | Samantha Reynolds

Founder and President of Echo Memoirs After Sam felt the loss of not having recorded her grandmother’s life story, she became curious about the life stories of the people around her. In 2001, her fascination became a business. Since then, the capable Echo Memoirs team has ushered more than 200 stunningly beautiful hard-cover memoirs through […]

Creative Collaboration in Great Groups

I’m always jonesing for creative collaboration, and the more I get, the more I want. There’s magic when teamwork morphs into incredible synergy. Part of the attraction is my own nature (after all, my Style Statement is Timeless Connection), but another big part has to do with the direction our collective consciousness seems to be […]

Stay Afloat with Healthy Boundaries

How do you keep a grip on the real you when the salty surf of a tense interaction smacks your starboard side? When the folks around you make waves with their alien communication styles, fervent demands, or weird displays of power, you need healthy boundary skills that pop to the surface like a life preserver. […]

Ode to the Curiously Mundane Office

Old maps. School supplies. Little white bowls. Graph paper. Wooden boxes. Libraries. Blank journals. Archives. Old cigar boxes. Index cards. Pencil stubs. Faded handwritten letters. Office supply stores. New erasers. Fountain pens. Air-mail envelopes. Rolodex files. Plain thumbtacks. Tins. The inspirational allure of the curiously mundane puts me into a trance of appreciation. I can […]

We Are All Magicians

I’ll tell you about this book even before I’ve finished it. Carol S. Pearson, author of the best-seller The Hero Within, writes about archetypes and how they can guide and help us. She and Sharon Seivert wrote Magic at Work, referred to on the cover as “A Guide to Releasing Your Highest Creative Power.” Magic […]