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Category Archives: Pep Talks

Relief with Teeth

There’s relief – the kind of palliative care that shifts us from an uncomfortable moment into a slightly more comfortable moment temporarily – and then there’s Relief with Teeth. Relief with Teeth bites the earth beneath your current stance and makes marks as it makes tracks. There’s no half way about it. You’d better brace […]

Pep Talk | Walk the Plank

What do you stand for? Is it Love or Beauty or Home or Peace … or, perhaps, The Acoustic Guitar. What it is matters less than that you know it. It’s the thing you’re a broken record about, the thing that stands the test of time. The thing your bones and cells know. It’s the […]

The Sustainable World of Me

Saving the world is good. (Duh.) But we can’t do it if we’re dead. Or lying on the floor in a puddle of half-checked to-do lists. Or transfixed by the three-digit number of unread emails. Or brow-beating ourselves for being in debt or fat or lonely or dorky. The first world to make sustainable is […]

Pep Talk | Count Your Limbs

“You usually do not try to describe your relationship with your leg, because you understand that your leg is you.” ~ Abraham/Esther Hicks, The Vortex You may be unsteady on your feet because you’ve lost a part of yourself. Don’t circle the house wondering where you left it or scan your companions for signs of […]

Pep Talk | Choose

How often do you feel overwhelmed? What story do you tell yourself then? If there’s any self-pity in your story, it’s time to change your perspective. If you compare yourself to others and conclude that you’re designed poorly, you’re looking through eyes that aren’t your own. You are perfectly packaged. Adjust your advertising. Too scratchy. […]

Pep Talk | Flip

Imagine a handful of coins spread across a tabletop. Only one side of each coin faces up. The other side is hidden. Our lives, our habits, consist of the same spread of coins, facing the same way up, over and over…unless we’re willing to flip. The comfortable side of the coin tends to land facing […]

Pep Talk | Deviate

The more you follow your own rhythms, using your internal world as your compass, the more you deviate from the norm and live a more thrilling and expansive life. But be on the lookout – your deviations may cause others to trip over their own expectations. To gain the fabulous benefits of being a deviant, […]

Pep Talk | Defend Your Territory

Claiming space and time for yourself can be a challenge, particularly if you require more space and time than other people in your life do. If others apply direct pressure in the form of interruptions and complaints, your challenge grows. If they don’t understand why you need space and time, your challenge grows. So get […]

Pep Talk | Be Advised

Who do you turn to when the you-know-what hits the fan, when the bad news lands and you can’t make the shift to thinking of it as an opportunity, when your world goes horribly wonky and you need someone to pick up the pieces before you can even begin to face the new reality? Be […]

Pep Talk | Tenderize

You guard your softness at times, I’ll bet. When, though? Only when to do otherwise would truly get you hurt? Or has that defensive wall become a habit? Prove to yourself that the world requires your sensitivity. After years of wariness around a fierce, but beloved, friend of mine, I decided to be myself around […]

Pep Talk | Step Around

Remember how it feels when someone else makes even a little effort to step around your bad mood – or your bad moment, or your major flub-up? It feels great, right? Well, now it’s your turn. When you look the other way, you can save someone’s day. Yes, identifying mistakes, down to the infinitude of […]

Pep Talk | Revise the Story

Your story file weighs you down when its contents perpetuate a dim view of you. Jettison the pity party going on in that mental drawer. Give the bad endings a makeover and lighten up so you can move forward with more tra-la in your step. Revise your stories to add swing to your swagger. Rather […]

Pep Talk | Back Away

There, now. You’ve poked the thing with a stick and its haunches are bunching to prepare for a pounce in your direction. You opened your mouth before your brain had a chance to calm down and everyone at the table is staring at you with open mouths, shocked at your immature outburst. Now’s the time […]

Pep Talk | Set the Timer

How much time do you spend not doing the repugnant things you need to do? Why? Wait! Don’t answer that. Analysis takes time. Consider it optional. What’s more important – getting the task done or knowing why you’re putting it off? Often, just getting it done is as far as you need to go. Applying […]

Pep Talk | Embrace Corny

Let the taste-makers whisper about you from their flashy corner of the party. Let them cast you off as a lost cause. Your human compulsion to fit into a social network can be satisfied just fine without making any compromises in the name of coolness. Pick a team. Just make sure it’s your own. Haul […]